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Jamie did an excellent job organizing my craft room! She easily assessed what type and how many bins I needed. All of my craft and sewing items are easily located and accessed. I went from not wanting to step foot into my craft room because of being overwhelmed from the clutter and disorganization to not wanting to leave. I highly recommend Happy Shelf Organizing!
-Kelly W.
Happy Shelf took my bathroom closet from an unorganized mess to a beautiful and usable space! She made it an easy process with an Amazon wish list to order all of the products needed! Highly recommend it!
-Alice H.
Before Happy Shelf my closets were literally stuffed and I couldn’t find things I needed. I would go buy duplicates rather than dig through the clutter to find what I already owned. Now everything is organized and clearly labeled which makes it so easy to find.
-Darlene M.
Jamie created a space that brings me joy to walk into. She was able to transform an ordinary closet to something more practical for me to use. I am in love with Jamie’s vision and can’t wait to find another space in my house for her to help me yet again!
-Yoanna I.
Honestly, I was extremely skeptical, thinking that my extreme mess could never be fully organized. Jamie proved me wrong 🙂 I will be using her again!!! Thank you Happy Shelf.
-Tina M.
Jamie always shows up on time and maximizes every minute she's here. She works efficiently and creates such an easy process to follow. Can't wait to have her back!
-Caroline C.